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Supplementing xGen Lockdown Panels

Expanding the target space of fixed panels with additional probes

xGen Lockdown Panels can be customized by supplementing with additional probes. When supplementing an xGen Lockdown Panel, it is important to add the new probes at the same molar concentration as the probes in the original pool. The following table lists the molar concentration of each probe for a single hybrid capture reaction.

Panel Number of probes fmol per reaction
xGen Exome Research Panel v1.0  429,8260.025 
xGen Acute Myeloid Leukemia Cancer Panel v1.0 11,743 0.255
xGen Pan-Cancer Panel v1.0 7,816 0.384
xGen Inherited Diseases Panel v1.0 116,355 0.026

For step-by-step instructions on how to supplement xGen Lockdown Panels with additional probes, contact our applications specialists at for the Probe Supplementation (Spike-In) Protocol.