Next generation sequencing

Next generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are rapidly becoming an integral part of genetic research and discovery. The ability to generate large amounts of sequence data in a relatively short amount of time is helping to enable a wide range of genetic analysis applications and accelerate advances in research, clinical and applied markets.

Critical to the success of obtaining high quality results in NGS experiments is the availability of high quality tools to effectively prepare fragment libraries representing the original nucleic acid samples. From platform adapters to our portfolio of xGen® products for targeted sequencing, IDT’s mission is to deliver innovative, high performing NGS products to enable you to increase your discovery power.

Adapters for next generation sequencing platforms »

Comprehensive offering of custom and catalog adapters for any NGS platform from the leader in nucleic acid manufacturing. Choose from a variety of barcoding and error correcting strategies, including designs with unique dual index (UDI) barcodes and unique molecular indicators (UMIs).

xGen products for target capture »

A suite of high performing enrichment probes, blockers and workflow reagents for targeted sequencing. The xGen product portfolio enables unparalleled target coverage and uniformity, even across difficult genomic regions containing high GC content.

NGS product highlights and updates »

IDT and Illumina partner for whole exome sequencing