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Individual blocking oligos

Reduce off-target capture by preventing adapter cross hybridization with xGen Blocking Oligos.

xGen Blocking Oligos bind to adapter sequences to help prevent non-specific binding. Blocking the adapter sequences significantly improves capture performance. All xGen blocking oligos are compatible with any xGen Lockdown Panel or custom xGen Lockdown Probe set. Various blocking oligo options are available to accommodate different requirements and sequencing platforms. Choose from:

  • xGen Standard Blocking Oligos
  • xGen Blocking Oligos for Ion Torrent adapters

IDT recommends xGen Universal Blockers for Illumina TruSeq® and Nextera™ indexed libraries.


xGen Standard Blocking Oligos

For single-index adapters (e.g., Illumina TruSeq®)

Predesigned to bind to the most common single-index library adapters that comprise 1 universal adapter and 24 barcoded adapters. The 24 blocking oligos for the barcoded adapters are labeled 1–27, corresponding to the numbering scheme used in Illumina, NEB, and Bioo Scientific single-index adapter kits.

For dual-index adapters (e.g., Illumina TruSeq HT)

Designed to block Illumina TruSeq HT dual-index adapters, i5 and i7. The i5 oligos consist of numbers D501–D508 and the i7 oligos consist of D701–D712.

For Ion Torrent® barcoded adapters

Predesigned against 2 non-barcoded adapters (A and P1) and 32 barcoded A adapters.

xGen Universal Blocking Oligos for Ion Torrent platforms

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