xGen® CNV Backbone Panel–Tech Access

Identify copy number variations in your NGS data

The xGen CNV Backbone Panel–Tech Access spans the genome with 9115 individually synthesized xGen Lockdown® Probes. This panel allows you to generate reference coverage data that can be used to detect copy number variations (CNVs) within large chromosomal regions.

With its convenient modular formulation, the xGen CNV Backbone Panel–Tech Access can be used either as a spike-in addition to other xGen Lockdown Probe panels, such as the xGen Exome Research Panel, or independently for standalone NGS target capture.

  • Detect changes in copy number within large genomic regions
  • Use as either a spike-in or a standalone panel
  • Enjoy fast turnaround via easy online ordering and next day shipping


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xGen CNV Backbone Panel–Tech Access

xGen® CNV Backbone Panel—Tech Access, 16 rxn$500.00 USD
xGen® CNV Backbone Panel—Tech Access, 96 rxn$2,000.00 USD

NGS Tech Access program

IDT is committed to providing our customers with high performance products for researchers working on the cutting edge of scientific discovery. The NGS Tech Access program at IDT is intended to accelerate innovation by enabling earlier access to our most advanced genomics tools. However, Tech Access products are not functionally QC-tested. These products are particularly well suited to experienced researchers who require the most up-to-date technology to unlock new discoveries.