Partnering with Illumina for whole exome sequencing

In May 2017, IDT and Illumina began co-marketing a comprehensive workflow for exome sequencing. This arrangement couples the Illumina TruSeq® and Nextera™ library preparation kits with IDT’s xGen® Exome Research Panel. As a result of the combined offering, users will benefit from more flexible, high-quality solutions for whole exome sequencing and improved customer technical support.

Together with IDT’s NGS adapters, xGen Blocking Oligos and xGen Lockdown Reagents, the IDT–Illumina collaboration provides comprehensive coverage and highly efficient analysis of coding regions across the human genome.

IDT–Illumina combined workflow for exome sequencing

IDT-Illumina exome sequencing workflow
Library preparationTarget enrichmentSequencingAnalysis
  • TruSeq Exome Library Prep Kit
  • Nextera Exome Library Prep Kit
  • IDT for Ilumina UDI Adapters
  • NovaSeq® systems
  • HiSeq® 2500/4000 systems
  • NextSeq® system
Illumina BaseSpace and Enrichment app

For information, please contact IDT Application Support at applicationsupport@idtdna.com.