xGen® Blocking Oligos

Improve on-target performance during targeted sequencing by reducing adapter-to-adapter hybridization

xGen Blocking Oligos bind to library adapter sequences to reduce off-target capture during library enrichment. Choose from convenient, optimized predesigned mixes or build your own custom blocking oligo. xGen Universal Blockers are designed for use with Illumina indexed adapters. These ready-to-use mixes effectively block dual- or single-index adapters to significantly improve on-target performance.

  • Reduce sequencing cost per sample by improving on-target performance
  • Effectively block a variety of index adapter designs with proprietary sequence modifications
  • Eliminate complicated blocker selection by using worry-free formulations compatible with either ligation- or Nextera chemistry–based library prep protocols
  • Reduce workflow steps with a convenient premixed liquid formulation

Custom xGen Blocking Oligos are also available for other platforms, including Ion Torrent, and specialized applications.