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Save time and resources with industry-leading oligos manufactured to your specifications to accommodate all your diverse research needs.

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Genes & gene fragments

Reliably create genomic constructs with sequence-verified gBlocks fragments or simply order cloned products for convenience.

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Reagents & kits

High quality genomics reagents to complete experimental workflows.

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CRISPR genome editing

Achieve higher efficiency genome editing and avoid toxicity or innate immune responses with Alt-R products.

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Experience greater sensitivity and better confidence in your data with PrimeTime and rhAmp products.

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GMP, OEM & integrations

Products manufactured to your specifications through personalized interactions with dedicated account advocates.

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Next generation sequencing

Consistently achieve greater sensitivity, higher throughput, and better uniformity with xGen products.

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Functional genomics

Achieve increased potency and better specificity in loss-of-function studies using short oligos.

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Optional services

Customized services to enhance the purity, QC, formulation, or other specifications of select standard product offerings.

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Single nucleotide resolution of RNA structure—SHAPE reagents

Research profile: SHAPE chemical reagents differentially modify accessible nucleotides in an RNA molecule. Read how Dr Weeks and his team used SHAPE to elucidate the 3D structure of even very large RNAs.

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Fast and reliable gene synthesis for any scale

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