Hybridization capture

xGen® Exome Research Panel »

Exome capture panel comprising nearly 430,000 individually synthesized and quality controlled Lockdown® probes for comprehensive and uniform coverage of coding regions of the human genome.

xGen Lockdown® Probe Pools »

Custom quality controlled target enrichment panels

xGen Predesigned Gene Capture Pools »

Preconfigured probe designs available for all human gene coding sequences for quick and cost-effective creation of custom gene panels.

xGen Lockdown Panels »

Inventoried, validated enrichment panels for targeted next generation sequencing of genes implicated in specific diseases or for use as spike-in panels.

xGen Blocking Oligos »

Proprietary blockers for dual- and single-index adapters, to reduce non-specific adapter interaction during probe hybridization and increase on-target capture performance.

xGen Hybridization and Wash Kit »

Optimized buffers, Cot DNA, and streptavidin beads for use with xGen Lockdown Probes and Panels in hybrid capture target enrichment.