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American Society of Human Genomics (ASHG) Annual Meeting 2023

IDT is excited to attend the American Society of Human Genomics annual meeting in Washington D.C.

What new NGS technology does IDT offer?

2022 and 2023 have delivered significant promise for the future of IDT’s NGS portfolio with the acquisition of the Archer NGS research assays that have enabled researchers to go further than ever. IDT is now uniquely positioned to offer:

  • Full workflow solutions and bundled NGS library prep solutions to help you consolidate, optimize, and scale your research with—MRD, WES, WTS, Methyl-sequencing, and targeted sequencing
  • Platform-agnostic solutions with xGen™ for sequencing platforms, including adapters, indexing primers, blockers, and library amplification tailored specifically for the sequence you use in your lab
  • Automation-friendly library preparation tools
  • Enhanced online NGS selection tools and resources

Stop by both #714, our associates will be easy to spot at ASHG—you’ll find us wearing blue shirts!

Want to learn firsthand about the exciting products xGen NGS and Archer have to offer? Sign up for a one-on-one with an IDT expert while you’re at ASHG.

Throughout the event, you can also:

  • Explore the ways our expanded xGen NGS and Archer portfolios can support you
  • Learn more about the applications of xGen NGS and Archer solutions from IDT

Leverage the right tools when you need them. We’ll help.

Event information


November 1–5, 2023


Washington D.C., United States

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