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Reagents and kits

Buffers, solutions, oligo standards, and kits for various molecular biology applications

Mutation detection kits »

Rapid mismatch endonuclease assays for detecting SNPs or CRISPR genome editing outcomes. Suitable for detecting a wide range of mutations from SNPs to multiple-base insertions or deletions in a variety of organisms and cell types.

Nuclease detection and control »

Reagents for rapid detection and elimination of RNases and DNases. The nuclease detection assays, effective for testing lab reagents, equipment, and other lab supplies, can be read visually for qualitative assessment of contamination or quantified using fluorometry.

Buffers and solutions »

DNase- and RNase-free solutions ideal for resuspending and diluting nucleic acids. Each lot is tested using RNaseAlert® and DNaseAlert™ reagents to ensure there is no detectable nuclease activity. Individual lots are also screened for endotoxins using a Limulis amebocyte lysate (LAL) assay.

Oligo length standards »

Single-stranded oligo markers for use as size and mass standards. For use with fluorescent and non-fluorescent stains.