RNase H2 enzyme

Virtually eliminate primer-dimers in PCR

Increase the precision of target sequence amplification by limiting negative effects from primer-dimers. Ideal for customer-developed rhPCR assay applications, such as rare variant detection, splice variant discovery, or microbial identification studies.

Thermostable RNase H2 enzyme is an endoribonuclease that binds to RNA-DNA duplexes and cleaves the RNA strand. When coupled with blocked-cleavable rhPCR primers (rhPrimers), RNase H2 provides the molecular mechanism driving RNase H-dependent PCR (rhPCR) technology.

  • Reduce the formation of primer-dimers or misprimed PCR products
  • Multiplex DNA amplification more accurately, even for a high number of targets
  • Increase precision and consistency for detection of low-abundance targets