OligoAnalyzer Tool

Understand the expected behavior of your oligos before you order them.

  • Quickly see GC content, melting temperature, and more
  • Identify secondary structure potential
  • Minimize dimerization
  • Use NCBI Blast
OligoAnalyzer screenshot

Research-friendly UX

Flexible input and advanced parameters to optimize your custom order:

  • Enter your sequence
  • Adjust calculation options
  • Choose a function
Get started

Creating optimized custom oligos just got easier

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Enter your sequence

  • DNA
  • RNA
  • Locked nucleic acid bases
  • Modifications
  • Mixed bases
  • Phosphorothioated bases
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Adjust calculation options

  • Hybridization target type
  • Oligo concentration
  • Na+ concentration
  • Mg2+ concentration
  • dNTP concentration
  • Use SpecSheet or qPCR preset values
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Choose a

  • Standard analysis
  • Hairpin
  • Self-dimer
  • Hetero-dimer
  • NCBI blast
  • Tm mismatch


Web resources

OligoAnalyzer user manual

In-depth information on the tool’s functionality and features.

Help with terminology

A glossary of terms you will see when using the tool.

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