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Does the xGen™ Amplicon 16S Panel enable identification of bacteria to species resolution?

The xGen 16S Amplicon Panel v2 is a great choice for microbial community profiling using targeted metagenomic sequencing of short reads across all 9 variable regions of the16S rRNA gene.

Taxonomic resolutions using the 16S rRNA gene depends on multiple factors, such as the classification tool, taxonomic lineages, gene regions, and read length. The xGen 16S Amplicon Panel v2 makes species-level identification more attainable compared to other 16S short-read sequencing approaches simply because it generates reads from multiple, taxonomically informative regions of 16S rRNA gene simultaneously.

Additional improvement in resolution is possible when tools such as 16S-SNAPP, are used because they are able to evaluate read associations (longer and consisting of multiple V-regions), rather than reads in isolation.


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