Enabling new discoveries in biology and medicine

We produce custom nucleic acids, which are necessary tools for all molecular biology applications. Our products are critical to research done in many important fields of the life sciences, including health care, agriculture, ecology, and biodiversity. DNA is the basis of all life on earth, and the tools to study and manipulate DNA are fundamental to understanding and protecting our living world.

New drugs and genetic medicines

Nearly all modern drug discovery at some point involves studying the effects of new compounds on the presence of genes, defining how the drugs work in the body, and determining their safety. These steps are necessary to ensure that new drugs are as potent and as safe as possible. Advances in genome sequencing allow scientists to more accurately identify genetic errors that cause disease. Therefore, new gene-targeting drugs are under development where the drug itself is a synthetic nucleic acid. IDT products are crucial to the research being performed in these areas and, while we do not develop new drugs ourselves, our scientists are actively involved in developing new reagents and technologies to advance these discoveries.

The next generation of medical diagnostics

Historically, most medical diagnoses relied on biochemical assays that were often slow or not specific to the disease. A new generation of nucleic acid–based medical diagnostics is emerging which enables quick, easy, and more specific analysis, so doctors obtain better answers faster. This technology is having an immense impact on most fields of medicine, from diagnosing infectious diseases to identifying cancers. For example, identifying infections often took days using bacterial cultures, but new DNA-based assays can be completed in just a few hours and will often provide information about antibiotic resistance at the same time. Our ISO 13485 certified GMP unit allows us to manufacture critical nucleic acid components for FDA approved medical diagnostic kits.

Biofuels and a cleaner environment

Breakthroughs in the development of biofuels depend on engineering new enzyme systems to convert waste biological material into a useable energy resource. IDT is helping to accelerate the discovery process by providing synthetic genes to companies working to produce clean, renewable energy.

Building a better food supply

The cornerstone of modern agricultural science is development of improved traits in both animal husbandry and plant crops through cross-breeding. It is important for agricultural scientist to be able to analyze a large number of samples and track the genes responsible for conferring desired traits quickly, accurately, and cost effectively. The major seed companies and agricultural research institutions use IDT nucleic acid products for fast, accurate genetic analysis.

Not just for humans

While biomedical research probably is the largest use for IDT products, genetic analysis is central to all areas of biology. Universities, major zoos, and focused biodiversity projects use our synthetic nucleic acids to catalog and study the genetics of all types of living organisms, from insects to cheetahs, bacteria to shrimp, and fungi to giant redwoods.