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Lotus DNA Library Prep Kit: A single flexible workflow with endless applications

Since NGS is increasingly being adopted in clinical and research laboratories, scientists need a streamlined workflow that seamlessly transitions from library preparation to target enrichment, and enables multiple applications using a single library prep kit. The Lotus DNA Library Prep Kit employs a combination of enzymatic fragmentation and unique end repair mechanisms in a single tube with an efficient adapter ligation strategy to generate high-quality NGS libraries in approximately 2 hours. The flexibility in the chemistry allows the user to pair any TA-ligation compatible adapter (full-length or stubby) with a sample indexing strategy of their choice for PCR-free, PCR-amplified, and targeted sequencing applications on Illumina platforms. This library prep kit is compatible with multiple custom IDT NGS adapters, including TruSeqTM-Compatible Full-length Adapters and TruSeqTM-Compatible Stubby Adapters and Indexing Primers, as well as our xGen suite of reagents for hybridization capture. We discuss how this workflow can be adopted for multiple applications including metagenomics, PCR-free whole genome sequencing, and whole exome sequencing. TruSeq® is a registered trademark of Illumina, Inc., used with permission. All rights reserved.

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