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Customize your next generation sequencing library

Lotus DNA Library Prep Kit

Webinar summary: Before samples can be sequenced, they must be transformed into libraries. The Lotus DNA Library Kit has flexible options for many applications. In this webinar, Dr Das Chakravarty describes how the Lotus kit can be adapted for your sequencing needs.

Dr Ushati Das Chakravarty, IDT staff scientist, presents the options available with the new Lotus DNA Library Prep Kit. This kit is designed to provide scientists with a simple, fast workflow to address multiple sequencing applications. It gives you the flexibility to customize your experiment based on your requirements. For example, this library preparation method has options for target enrichment applications and can be paired with a variety of adapters. The kit also provides optimal coverage regardless of input across varying GC content. The Lotus kit produces high-quality libraries for exome sequencing, including classic difficult-to-sequence genes.

This Lotus DNA library Kit webinar gives you the opportunity to hear from one of the lead developers of the kit. Dr Das Chakravarty holds a PhD in chemical biology from Cornell University where she studied nucleic acid metabolism, particularly in DNA and RNA repair. She was part of a team that identified a novel technique of DNA ligation and designed nucleic acid assays to better understand biochemical mechanisms of enzymes. As a postdoctoral scholar at University of California, Santa Cruz, she used structural and biochemical tools to investigate bacterial translation initiation and ribosome-mediated gene regulatory networks.

After the 25-minute presentation, Unnati Dev leads the question and answer session. Unnati received master’s degree in biotechnology at Texas A&M University and is the product manager for NGS products at IDT.

Published Jul 25, 2019