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Customize adapters to fit your specific NGS workflow

Custom NGS Adapters

Design custom NGS adapters when scaling up your experiments, expanding your set of barcodes to increase sample throughput, or to supplement commercial library components. Use the Custom Adapter Configurator tool to select the adapters best suited to your experiments and incorporate adapter options, including index configuration, attachment style, and delivery format.

The needs of sequencing projects are not “one size fits all”, but we can help you customize adapters that are tailored to your specific NGS experiments. Have confidence in the design and order placement of your custom adapters by relying on IDT expertise. Our Custom Adapter Configurator tool guides you step-by-step through the adapter design process, then provides an option to order your custom adapters directly online or request customer support.

Order customized NGS adapters when you need to:

  • Scale up your experiments—get the delivery format (amount, plate, single-use) and volume pricing that best suit your NGS study
  • Expand your set of barcodes to increase sample throughput—augment limited sets of stocked adapters
  • Supplement commercial library kits—create your own custom library prep workflow that fits your sample number and experimental design

Personalize your NGS adapters

The Custom Adapter Configurator tool guides you through the design of adapters optimized for your NGS workflow. Personalize your adapters by selecting:

  • Illumina TruSeq™ or Nextera™ library prep method
  • Adapter configuration (SI, CDI, UDI, UDI-UMI)* and indexing strategy
  • Number of indexes
  • Attachment style
  • Size (reaction number or nmol)
  • Delivery format (tubes or plates)
  • Methylated/unmethylated
  • TruGrade processing

* SI = single index, UDI = unique dual index, CDI = combinatorial dual index, and UDI-UMI = adapters with both a unique dual index and a unique molecular identifier.

(Visit the IDT Usage, warranty & licensing page for specific information about Illumina trademarks.)

Figure 1 shows the types of adapter structures you can generate with the Custom Adapter Configurator tool.

NGS adapter structures

Upgrade your adapters to prevent sample cross-talk

Sensitive NGS applications can detect even low levels of barcode cross-talk. Such cross-talk can cause sample misassignment. There are multiple sources of barcode cross-talk, including manufacturing cross-contamination of adapter oligos. You can select to have TruGrade processing of your adapters to reduce levels of cross-contamination to as low as 0.01%. Find more details on the TruGrade webpage and in the DECODED Newsletter article, Tips for minimizing sample misassignment during multiplex NGS.

Get more reliable results by using high-quality adapters

Of course, adapters are really specialized, custom oligos, and IDT has been manufacturing the highest quality oligos for NGS applications for over 30 years. Our long-standing reputation as a leader and pioneer in custom oligo manufacturing and stringent manufacturing methods are critical for producing high quality NGS adapters. Demonstrating IDT’s leadership in adapter synthesis, Illumina entered into a partnership agreement with IDT in 2017 to develop a portfolio of adapters.

Get high quality NGS adapters tailored to your NGS workflow by using Custom NGS Adapters generated by the Custom Adapter Configurator tool.

Published May 9, 2019