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Sarret P, Doré-Savard L, Beaudet N. (2010) Direct application of siRNA for in vivo pain research. Methods Mol Biol, 623 : 383–395.

Dicer-substrate RNA (DsiRNA) is used to target physiological pain modulators in animal models for in vivo pain research.

Ge Q, Dallas A, Ilves H, Shorenstein J, Behlke MA, Johnston BH. (2010) Effects of chemical modifications on the potency, serum stability, and immunostimulatory properties of short shRNAs. RNA, 16 : 118–130.
Gantier MP, Irving AT, Kaparakis-Liaskos M, Xu D, Evans VA, Cameron PU, Bourne JA, Ferrero RL, John M, Behlke MA, Williams BR. (2010) Genetic modulation of TLR8 response following bacterial phagocytosis. Hum Mutat, 31 : 1069–1079.
Nawroth I, Alsner J, Behlke MA, Besenbacher F, Overgaard J, Howard KA, Kjems J. (2010) Intraperitoneal administration of chitosan/DsiRNA nanoparticles targeting TNFa prevents radiation-induced fibrosis. Radiother Oncol, 97 : 143–148.

In situ detection of mature microRNAs via labeled extension of Ultramer templates is used to detect human miR-212 expression patterns.

Chen AK, Davydenko O, Behlke MA, Tsourkas A. (2010) Ratiometric bimolecular beacons for the sensitive detection of RNA in single living cells. Nucleic Acids Res, 38 : e148.
Gantier MP, Tong S, Behlke MA, Irving AT, Lappas M, Nilsson UW, Latz E, McMillan NA, Williams BR. (2010) Rational design of immunostimulatory siRNAs. Mol Ther, 18 : 785–795.
Monteys AM, Spengler RM, Wan J, Tecedor L, Lennox KA, Xing Y, Davidson BL. (2010) Structure and activity of putative intronic miRNA promoters. RNA, 16 : 495–505.
Kortylewski M, Swiderski P, et al. (2009) In vivo delivery of siRNA to immune cells by conjugation to a TLR9 agonist enhances antitumor immune responses. Nat Biotechnol, 27 : 925–932.

Use of a novel CpG-motif oligonucleotide delivery tool to deliver anti-STAT3 DsiRNA to TLR9-positive cells, where Dicer cleavage releases the mature siRNA from the CpG ligand.

Howard KA, Paludan SR, Behlke MA, Besenbacher F, Deleuran B, Kjems J. (2009) Chitosan/siRNA nanoparticle-mediated TNF-α knockdown in peritoneal macrophages for anti-inflammatory treatment in a murine arthritis model. Mol Ther, 17 : 162–168.
Goraczniak R, Behlke MA, Gunderson SI. (2009) Gene silencing by synthetic U1 adaptors. Nat Biotechnol, 27 : 257–263.
Devor EJ, Peek AS, Lanier W, Samollow PB. (2009) Marsupial-specific microRNAs evolved from marsupial-specific transposable elements. Gene, 448 : 187–191.
Devor EJ, Huang L, Abdukarimov A, Abdurakhmonov IY. (2009) Methodologies for in vitro cloning of small RNAs and applications for plant genomics. Int J Plant Genomics, 2009 : e915061.
Lou X, Qian J, et al. (2009) Micromagnetic selection of aptamers in microfluidic channels. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 106 : 2989–2994.

Microfluidic screening of aptamers to the light chain of recombinant Botulinum neurotoxin type A. The DNA library was comprised of sequences containing a central random region of 60 bases flanked by 2 specific 20-base sequences, and was synthesized and purified by IDT.

Manzel LJ, Chin CL, Behlke MA, Look DC. (2009) Regulation of bacteria-induced intercellular adhesion molecule-1 by CCAAT/enhancer binding proteins. Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol, 40 : 200–210.

Use of aptamers and aptamer–siRNA chimeras to inhibit HIV-1 replication and infectivity in cultured human CEM T cells and primary blood mononuclear cells.

Sets of hybridized, high-fidelity Ultramer Oligonucleotides were assembled into large constructs in a single step. Such constructs are available from IDT as gBlocks® Gene Fragments.

LaCroix-Fralish ML, Mo G, Smith SB, Sotocinal SG, Ritchie J, Austin JS, Melmed K, Schorscher-Petcu A, Laferriere AC, Lee TH, Romanovsky D, Liao G, Behlke MA, Clark DJ, Peltz G, Séguéla P, Dobretsov M, Mogil JS. (2009) The β 3 subunit of the Na+,K+-ATPase mediates variable nociceptive sensitivity in the formalin test. Pain, 144 : 294–302.
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