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Top 5 reasons why you should use CRISPR libraries from IDT

Top 5 reasons why you should use CRISPR libraries from IDT hero image

Takeaway: The global race to identify new pharmaceutical treatments for diseases is accelerating, and customizable CRISPR libraries are helping researchers find cures faster. With more than 30 years of leadership in genomic science, IDT’s synthetic guide RNA libraries provide flexible design and formulation options, arrayed formats for seamless integration into high-throughput workflows, and a sophisticated cloud-based data analysis pipeline that researchers need for an end-to-end CRISPR screening solution. 

Medical researchers around the world are in a race to identify pharmaceutical treatments for diseases, but these discoveries do not come easily. One advancement that is helping are CRISPR gRNA libraries with automation-ready formats and increasingly customizable design options that facilitate high-throughput CRISPR screening for identification of novel drug targets during early phase drug discovery. 

With more than 30 years of global leadership in genomic science, IDT is uniquely positioned to support researchers pursuing drug discovery. Faster, more reliable CRISPR screening for new drug targets relies on the availability of innovative and effective tools, and is further enhanced by IDT’s trusted RNA synthesis manufacturing platforms along with expert design-through-analysis guidance. 

IDT’s CRISPR libraries are doing much of the heavy lifting for researchers pursuing these important goals. These tools offer a rare combination of high-level customization, quality performance in high-throughput environments, and trusted customer support to deliver complete workflow solutions. 

IDT’s CRISPR libraries help you isolate critical targets sooner. Here are the top five benefits of using IDT’s CRISPR libraries.

1. Enhanced customization

CRISPR libraries from IDT include custom guide design, formats, modifications, and formulations, plus they are adaptable to different CRISPR systems. What sort of customization are we talking about? There are guide RNA options for Cas9, Cas 12a, Cas13, prime editing, and more. Users will enjoy IDT’s unique guide design flexibility, with libraries arrayed by guide and/or by gene, typically with high editing results for two-to-four guides per gene. There are also multiple options for Cas9 guides, from single guide RNAs (sgRNAs) to two-part formats, depending on your budget, timeline, and plug-and-play needs. 

2. Ideal for high-throughput tasks

Now, you can create any size of library with cost-effective, high-yield options, glycerol-free reagents, and plate formats that work for most automation platforms. Choose from a variety of options to personalize your libraries to yield seamless integration into a wide variety of automation workflows.

3. End-to-end workflow solutions

Take advantage of bioinformatics tools, enzymes, and other reagents to improve editing performance, plus a cloud-based data analysis pipeline that simplifies your research and saves you time. This is a true end-to-end solution, with a Cas9 design tool and expert support, CRISPR-Cas reagents, and analysis using the rhAmpSeq CRISPR analysis system

4. Trusted quality

IDT’s legacy of quality has been decades in the making, and that’s true of our CRISPR libraries. This includes optimized RNA synthesis for better on-target editing, lower off-target effects, and enhanced nuclease resistance. You also benefit from strict QC protocols for consistency, reliability, and reduced cross-contamination. We put our knowledge to work too: IDT scientists have authored 30 CRISPR-related publications and actively work in partnerships to advance the field of genome editing

5. World-class expertise and support

Work confidently knowing that IDT’s expert support team will back you, with continuous R&D as well as an extensive library of resources for you to use. See what more than three decades of RNA synthesis and a wealth of CRISPR R&D innovation can do for you. 

Alt-R™ custom CRISPR solutions help researchers advance what’s achievable. Interested in learning more? Schedule a consultation today

*RUO—For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, IDT does not intend for these products to be used in clinical applications and does not warrant their fitness or suitability for any clinical diagnostic use. Purchaser is solely responsible for all decisions regarding the use of these products and any associated regulatory or legal obligations. 

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