SameDay® Oligo Service

IDT standard desalted oligos - synthesized, packaged, and shipped the same day you order!


  • 2-OD minimum guarantee (sufficient for >250 PCR reactions)
  • 15–45 bases
  • Shipped dry in tubes
  • Deprotected & desalted
  • Additional shipping and handling fee for expedited services
  • Unmodified

Ordering Deadlines

SameDay Oligos if order placed by 3:00pm

United States

  • Order online by 3:00 pm ET
  • SameDay priority shipping for delivery by 10:30 am on the next business day
SameDay oligos in Europe if order placed by 1:00pm


  • Order online by 1:00 pm CET
  • SameDay priority shipping


  • Order online by 10:00 am SGT
  • SameDay priority shipping for delivery the same business day

Order SameDay Oligo Service

Order DNA sequences for SameDay delivery. Paste multiple sequences from Excel or a text file.